MagaMint and Homecooking Helps the Day

A sunny day without the peach cocktail takes the fun in the day away. It is true that most people are inclined to beer as compared to the sweet refreshing taste of a magarita infused with lime, salt, honey and tequila. Shake it rigorously to obtain a coherent mixture and serve in ice at events, family dinners and picnics.

If you’re a dedicated home cook, the hunger to learn and improve your skills can be as insatiable as the hunger to eat incredible food. If you find yourself in the position of being competent in the kitchen but at a loss for how to take your home cooking to the next level, Naomi Pomeroy’s new book, Taste and Technique, is the cookbook you’ve been waiting for.

“There are three major differences between a great home cook and a good home cook,” Pomeroy told us. “A great home cook gets themselves organized ahead of time, and does as much prep as possible in advance. Great home cooks also taste all of the things they are making for balance. The last thing that really sets a great cook apart, of course, is practice.”

Practice is delicious with the recipes in this gorgeous book. Each recipe, more enticing than the last, you’ll find dishes like Hazelnut Romesco, Crispy Baby Artichokes, French Onion Soup and Potato Dumplings, the recipe for which we’ve included for you to try at home. “It’s great to cook your way through the entire book, as the lessons build upon each other,” Pomeroy said. And calling each recipe a lesson may seem like a stretch, but the wealth of information in the pages of this book is staggering — without being overwhelming or too full of technical jargon, a real feat.

As you’re cooking your way through Taste and Technique, don’t let the most-common mistake Pomeroy sees in home kitchens trip you up. “One mistake that lots of people make is not tasting what they’re making,” she said. “This, and not asking the people around them for their opinions.”

Written by Erasmus Dadzie


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